Simple Safety

Push Bars VS Door Knobs

You might not think that something as universal as the common door knob can be a safety and security hazard. But they are, and in many cases should be replaced with push bars. Why else would OSHA demand them for exit passages to be in line with National Fire Protection Association, Life Safety Code and National Electric Code requirements?

Push Bar doors have been proven more effective than door handles in cases of mass exit because they allow crowds to move through the exit without any reduction in speed, thereby preventing log-jams and confusion, collisions and injuries. In fact, all public emergency doors in the United States must be equipped with push bar technology.

There are several factors to consider when switching over to Push Bar security doors. The first is do you need access from the outside. If so, there are various methods that allow for this, from simple cylinder locks with exterior “dummy” pulls all the way to electronic key-ins.

Other factors include heavy or light use of doors and their respective durability needs, “dogging” capability, being able to set the mechanism to remain open from the outside, security oriented door trims and the aesthetics or utility of your personal décor. But regardless of factors, Push Bar Doors are safer, more durable and more secure than common door knob technology.