Security Lockdowns

It’s an unfortunate reality that schools must now have Lockdown, Isolate and Evacuation strategies to safeguard their staff and students in absolute worst-case scenarios. Since Columbine, a month rarely passes without the terrible news of a school shooting. A basic responsibility of school administration is safety. We can no longer avoid Lock Down, Isolate and Evacuation strategies.

“Panic” buttons, (we like to call them “Safety” buttons) are an easy and essential first step. They can be installed in each classroom with a simple, wireless system. Immediate and geographically identifiable alarms will instantly pin-point security breaches. An Emergency Notification System can then be employed to communicate evacuation and lockdown instructions.

Wireless Cellular Security Cameras are a second easy and cost effective method to enhance classroom security. Cameras work both as a constant deterrent to negative behavior and as important tools for isolation and evacuation.

High quality wireless systems do not require miles of cable and their related construction or installation costs. All of your Lock Down, Isolation and Evacuation tactics, including Panic Buttons, cameras and Emergency Notification Systems, auto-lock doorways, internal lighting and all others; can fit into a comprehensive wireless system.

These are uncomfortable but necessary topics for schools to discuss. Unfortunately, they are a necessary and responsible approach to full, uncompromising security.