Internal Theft

Though Shall Not Steal is the eighth commandment and for many a basic life credo. But most retail and business analysts compute loss to employer theft greater than loss to shoplifting. Be it as “innocent” as taking a CD to download music on to actively pilfering merchandise, the costs add up. Business owners, all business owners, retail or otherwise, must protect themselves from this loss.

Sociologists suggest four key reasons why people steal from Employers. Need. Revenge. Thrills. Ennui – that it simply doesn’t matter. Regardless of the “why,” as a business owner, you must make clear at all points that you are NOT a sleeping watch dog. Here are a few basics to fight with against internal theft.

Human Resources
Most embezzlers have stolen from other and frequently, their most recent employers. Screen and interview against dishonest hires and discuss and prepare potential employees that they will be “under watch” at all times. Be aggressive against internal theft from the get-go.

Build Company Culture
Company meetings, memos, Quarterly reviews, posters and visual reminders; consistently and continuously, though positive, not threatening language, communicate your company’s zero tolerance attitude towards theft.

Anti-Theft Technology
Choose and use a technology appropriate for your situation. This is where Greatline can hep. Ask us about Anti theft technology and Electronic Article Survellience

Aim At The Target
What’s missing the most? What are your highest value items that have been missing? Generally, these are the starting points for determining what to target.

Keep Focused
Too often policies are implemented and then not maintained. This is a green light for those the policies were implemented against.

Internal theft is a matter of both profit and employee morale. If someone is stealing, chances are other employees know about it. This creates a negative work experience on all involved. Demand the respect due and eliminate internal theft.