Intercom Services

Outdoor Intercom Callboxes – are completely weather-proof, heavy-duty, wireless systems. Easy communication is accomplished between the fixed-mounted callbox and hand-held communication devices. Long-distance communication of up to a mile can be realized. Use of external antennas can increase the communication distance. These systems are quite popular with businesses needing 24/7 two-way communication but where using hard-wired systems is too expensive or not feasible.

Callbox with Gate-Opening Component have all the same features but has a gate-opening/closing component. This is a feature that is remotely activated whenever a visitor is granted access. Switch operations also control a range of functions including the opening and closing of a gate or door as well as lighting controls and alarm sounding when necessary. The device sending a signal can be either the intercom base or any handheld device connected to the system. Other useful features include the ability to “listen” when a callbox transmitter is activated. Any surrounding “noises” can be heard up to 30 seconds once activated. This allows for discreet monitoring activity at the callbox location.