Electronic Article

Surveillance Systems

EAS Systems are nothing more than technologies to prevent theft. Generally, they have some kind of “tag” on the protected merchandise and a detection device at the point of departure that will alarm if the tag is not deactivated. EAS Systems are not just for retail establishments, but for any business with hard goods at risk of being stolen – from the inside or outside.

The major types of EAS Systems are Magnetic, Acoustic-Magnetic, Radio Frequency and Microwave. Each type has its own specialty and reasons for use, but they all work in the same tag-detector way. A discussion with a good security consultant should easily determine which method is best for your situation.

Costs vary between systems with the major cost associated with the detection devices. Actual tags cost just pennies per tag, but costs will rise proportionally to the amount of exits that have installed detectors.

Side issues you must consider are any frequency of deactivating tagged items, availability of shielding, (can an employee simply drop an item into a protective case) and, since all EAS Systems emit electromagnetic energy, to make sure your new system does not interfere with your current LAS or other electronic systems.

How, What and Where to Tag

This is as big of an issue as what type of tag to use. As a non-retail environment, should it be part of your strategy to, as in retail, clearly show that items are tagged? Or, is your situation such that this can be circumvented by destruction of a portion of the article which hosts the tag? Do you incorporate the actual tagging of your new EAS System into your new Culture of Theft Awareness? Or, do you covertly tag your property and wait to see what happens? And do your really need to tag your 800 pound immovable generator?

The bottom line on EAS Systems is they are your best defense against article theft. They are unobtrusive and easy to maintain. If article theft is a concern of your business, and EAS System will remedy the problem.