Cellular Security Cameras

Simple, Immediate Security

With cellular technology it’s possible to have a set of eyes anywhere. Cellular Security Cameras come in a nearly endless variety. They are easy to install, work immediately and do not have to be wired into any existing security system. You can store the video within the camera itself, transfer it to a DVR format or use the cloud to deliver it to your personal computer or hand held device.

Because cellular cameras are free from the constraints of wiring, they can easily go in high risk or hard to reach locations which previously required a high cost, wired application.

The simple presence of a working camera is usually enough to discourage theft, vandalism, etc. But with the wide product line of cellular cameras, you can also, easily, have hidden or disguised surveillance. Anything from clocks to wall art have cellular cameras within them.

Whether your cellular camera is a simple WiFi system transmitting your video through a wireless router or a full 4G Cloud based system you follow on your smartphone, there’s really no beating Cellular Security Cameras for cost, immediacy and effectiveness.