Access Control

Access Control is the very core of facility security. If you don’t control who enters your property or what people on your property have access to, then you really have no security at all.

Every aspect of facility security should be part of your Access Control System. That includes lighting, cameras and sound alarms as well as the physical components of windows and gates, doors and locks.

Access Control starts with the perimeter. Securing the perimeter is usually a function of the auxiliary components: lighting, highly visible cameras and of course physical barriers like fencing.

Actual access to the facility is next. Basically locks keys and sensors. Keys can be standard keys, card keys or a biometric reader. The system can range from nothing more than simple keyed entry to a highly controlled set of electrical responses including camera shots, pin pointed lighting , date/time register, etc. Internal access control works under the same system. And now, the entire system can be easily controlled by your hand held device.

Greatline has the experience and constantly-updated knowledge to pick and choose the precise components and create an Access Control System perfectly suited to your facility.