Emergency Notification Systems

An EMS is a method of one way broadcasting to a predetermined set of people. There may be multiple methods in the system, but they are all designed as one-way communication.

Besides the  most common uses of alerting police, fire and paramedic to emergency situations, more and more businesses are adopting ENS’s for added employee security. This is especially true for schools, business campuses and any business with multiple, vulnerable, hard to secure locations. There is no better way to alert your employees to dangerous or critical situations.

Most ENS’s are easily adaptable to your existing security infrastructure, your voice systems, any LED signage, your entire LAN network.  The best ENS’s assure emergency communication at three levels: Employees inside your buildings, those outside the critical locations and those “At your side.” The messages may be live or pre- recorded and may be delivered through any number of systems from loudspeaker to cell phone.

Your ENS will receive input from an external source, a fire panel, Panic Button or your live notification. This is then relayed through your LAN or structured cable system and internet connection as messages “pushed” through to inside, outside and cell phone delivery devices.

Layering your ENS methods is the best guarantee for highest security. The more ways you can reach your intended targets the better:  loudspeakers, flashing lights, warning buzzers. If half your employees are, for example, wearing soundproof headphones or listening to I-pods, the need for layering is obvious.