8 Must Do Holiday Safety Tips

Tis the Season of Giving and Thieving

  1. 8 Must Do Holiday Safety TipsLeave lights on when you are gone and AUTOMATE – Set up a home automation system with smart plugs to program your Christmas lights and other electronics to automatically switch on and off at regular intervals, giving the illusion that you are home. The Honeywell Lyric system has the ability to set “scenes” where lights can turn on and off ‘on the fly’ or on a schedule. Lights can also be dimmed as well. You can also control your smart light bulbs and other gadgets manually from your smartphone.
  2. Remember to lock doors INCLUDING vehicles and the garage door – Also a Lyric bonus, being able to see the state of the garage door, up or down, and the ability to open and close it using the Total Connect app anywhere including doors on the house, all utilizing Z-Wave technology.
  3. Fire Safety – with the season comes decorative lights and candles. Lyric monitors 24/7 for Smoke, Fire and Carbon Monoxide detection.
  4. Cold weather, possibility of freezing pipes – Lyric has sensors that can alert you to water in locations that should be dry as well as temperatures. If the temperature of a utility room reaches freezing, the user will be notified to assist with the prevention of a burst pipe.
  5. Situational Awareness – be alert to who is in your neighborhood. Check credentials before letting anyone in if they claim to be from a city utility department. Most thieves work in pairs, while one distracts the homeowner in the front while another works the back of the house, or even worse something could happen if they gain access. Another way to make your house smart is to install perimeter cameras and a video doorbell to see who’s at your front door (even when you are away). Often burglars will pose as solicitors to see if someone’s home, and if not, permits them to break-in.
  6. Exterior Considerations – ensure your outside bushes are trimmed back. That way burglars won’t have a spot to hide and peek inside. It also allows neighbors to see the pretty tree you trimmed!
  7. Stop Porch Thieves – If you’re expecting deliveries, have a neighbor collect them while you’re gone. Not only does this prevent package snatchers, but it also keeps boxes from piling up on your doorstep which is an indication that no one’s home. A video doorbell is very helpful in this situation as well.
  8. Secure Your Connection – Hackers love the holiday season. Holiday safety tips go beyond physical safety too. Cyber Monday and online shopping is an opportunity for hackers to steal your credit data and identity. Use caution when using public WiFi and sign up for identity theft protection so you are immediately alerted if there is any suspicious activity. This proactive step will help you respond quickly and recoup your losses if an incident occurs.

Honeywell’s Lyric is so much more than a control system. It’s the ability to have a comfortable, connected home no matter the season, schedule, or location. Let GREATLINE Communications help you put together a home automation system to simplify your life and make your household more safe and secure.