FAQ’S and Info

1) How can I tell if my current Network System is outdated?
Two ways. Technically and intuitively. Technically we can run entire, end-to-end testing on your network which will judge the performance and capabilities of your stress loads, system protocols, data speed and efficiency rates, literally every hardware component of your network system. Less directly, we find that most business owners know when their system isn’t up to par. Key signs are slow networking speeds, inefficient hub deployment, “Rats Nest Syndrome.”

2) Can I combine data, security and access into a single system?
Yes. This is exactly what you want to do. The capabilities of a well-designed Network System can extend to every aspect of a business; all internal or external data transfers, data security, premise security, secured phone lines, etc. The question is not whether a single system can handle multiple functions, but whether or not your system is working for you and making your business better, safer, more efficient.

3) If my business is growing, can I expand my current network system or is it better to install a larger, more capable network?
Both choices are viable depending on basic factors such as current expansion capability and comparative costs. A simple, professional analysis can determine this for you.

4) Do I have to close or stall my business when I install a new system?
Absolutely not.

5) Can installing new security and fire protection systems decrease my insurance payments?
Yes. They vary from market to region to industry, and these savings continue year after year.

6) What are the advantages of going wireless? And is a wireless network system more expensive than a cabled one?
1) Ease of installation. 2) Significantly smaller space requirements. 3) Minimal running of cables. 4) Universal access within coverage range. 5) Immediate access to internet and company files/data decreases research time and increases efficiency. 6) Easy expansion of network because no wires are needed. 7) Because wiring is very minimal, Wireless Area Networks can be less expensive to install and maintain than structured cabling.

7) Can my handheld device interact with my security?
Yes. If your network is connected to the internet, with an appropriate hand held device, you can control your network from the golf course or the seas side.

8) Password versus Biometrics
Passwords can be stolen, hacked or given away. A biometric access cannot. Currently, there is no more secure way to guarantee appropriate access than biometrics. There are many forms of biometric measurement, from iris and face recognition to voice and fingerprint and many more. The cost of these technologies have a wide range, although the widely used finger or thumb scan, because of their increased acceptance and use, are comparatively price to other security access methods.

9) Can I add devices to existing alarm systems?
Normally, yes. This is “System Specific” but our quick tests can easily determine if your existing system has the capability.